Village Park Homes Broker Referral & Registration

Village Park Homes, LLC will pay a referral fee (“Professional Service Fee”) of three percent (3%) to the Company of the South Carolina licensed Broker-in-Charge (“Broker”) listed below upon the successful closing of a sale to the below referenced customer provided that the Customer executes a purchase agreement (“Contract”) within ninety (90) days of the date of this registration (“Registration Period”) and closes pursuant to the terms of the Contract.

The undersigned Agent or Subagent (“Broker Representative”) acknowledges and agrees that in the event the Customer does not purchase and close pursuant to the terms of the Contract for any reason whatsoever, no Professional Service Fee is earned by or due to the Broker, the Broker Representative or his Company. Broker Representatives who register a Customer on this form will be protected for a period of ninety (90) days from the date hereof, (“Registration Period”) in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Registration may be done by accompanying the customer, or calling and making an appointment with a Village Park Homes, LLC Sales Representative and providing the referral name and information. Registration will not be honored if the Customer has either visited a Village Park Homes, LLC community independently or has been working directly with a Village Park Homes, LLC Representative. Registration is valid upon the conclusion of the Customer visit and when this form is signed by a Village Park Homes, LLC Sales Representative.

If more than one Broker Representative registers a Customer who returns unaccompanied within the Registration Period and executes a Contract, the Broker Representative with the earliest registration date will be deemed to be the procuring Broker Representative. Any disputes must be resolved under the procuring cause guidelines of the National Association of Realtors.

The undersigned Broker Representative represents that he/she is an active South Carolina Licensee. No Professional Service Fee will be paid to any person or associated Company that does not hold a current and active South Carolina License. All Professional Fees will be paid to the Company of the Broker Representative upon closing and funding of the sale.

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