I wanted to take a moment to tell you about our experience working with Debbie Borth and Nick Bower during the pre-sale, purchase and construction of our new Village Park Home located in the Rose Hill community in Bluffton.

Debbie was an invaluable asset to us as we worked through the location, sale and numerous amenity selections/changes we required to make our house a home. Debbie was terrific in lending her vast expertise in making the best selections and always ensured great communication. She was always on point, flexible and well prepared.

Nick was also a terrific representative of Village Park, always ready to answer any questions and addressing any questions or concerns. Nick clearly had detailed/masterful knowledge of every aspect of our build and he too was eager and flexible in ensuring we would be happy with the final product.

To a person, Debbie and Nick were always helpful, exemplifying the highest in professionalism while still being friendly, approachable and always with a smile. My calls were always answered in a very timely manner and always with a great attitude. Their attentiveness, attention to detail and the willingness to go the extra mile was clearly evident from our first meeting through the closing. As a very satisfied client, I believe it would be hard for us to have had a better Village Park Homes team to work with.

Jerry Risi

I just recently purchased Lot 45 in the Overlook at Battery Creek subdivision. I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how nice it was to work with Wayne Blau. He helped me through the good times and the difficult time of switching builders.

Even though it took a year to build, Wayne stayed by my side keeping me informed. The day I signed the contract in April of 2020, Wayne stayed very late getting the contract put together for me to sign, as I had to go back to Atlanta the following day.

From the day I signed the contract, Wayne was the only person who went above and beyond to help me. He was also the ONLY PERSON from Village Park Homes who thanked me for purchasing the home and wished me well.

In this day and age, most people are looking to always complain and very rarely saying kind words about people that go above and beyond the call of duty. I wanted to make sure that Wayne was recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty for me.

Wayne impressed me so much that I had my brother purchase a home from Village Park as well.

Sandy Young

We are the homeowners at 37 Sandcastle Ct. We closed on our house in late April of last year and wanted to write to you regarding our experience with Village Park Homes and a couple of their representatives.

We have built a couple of new homes in the past, so we have some experience and comparisons to draw upon. Our overall experience was positive mostly due to a few factors. The quality and building standards were good and our sales person Debbie Borth was exceptional.

A few examples of where Debbie went above and beyond are:

1. Debbie helped with every aspect of the contract extras, tile, colors, cabinet and flooring, selections. As a sales person we are aware that some of this is her job, but we feel that she was really good at even the fine details. This was very helpful as she has designer skills, and so we did not feel the need to hire a design professional.

2. Whenever an issue came up Debbie handled it quickly and without drama. As we know building a home, especially in the final stages, is very stressful on everyone. She has a pleasant way about her which eases stress and provides comfort that issues will be resolved. It’s a great skill for someone in her position. I know we appreciated it and her.

3. We did many more upgrades than our neighbors. Debbie was on top of it all to see that there were no slip ups from the subs. When they did happen, she remedied them quickly.

4. We also thought that Debbie was very good at walking the line between meeting our needs while at the same time protecting the interests of VPH.

Before closing we also wanted to give a shout out to Craig, our project manager. He came to our job in the middle of the build after Matt left. He worked hard to get up to speed quickly and helped to get the house ready to close. He has a winning personality and is very obliging and competent. We felt fortunate to have him. In short, we wanted to let you know that we are happy VPH homeowners.

Terri and Peter Laing

I just wanted to acknowledge some real great employees you have who had provided such great help and really made me happy for buying a Village Park Home. Tim has been a godsend since day one addressing several issues from when I bought a spec home. John Lopez and Dania from FCO did an amazing job fixing the settlement issues as well. Tim and John both have helped out for a year with the most understanding and prompt service. I just wanted to let you know.

Fred Holstein

My husband and I are the owners of 25 Tansyleaf Drive on Hilton Head. We want to commend Jeff, Lynsey, Tim and John for great customer service. Anytime from before settlement to our 30 day check they have all been on top of any concerns.

We have a number of items on the check list that Tim and John completed. Their work has been excellent. Their courtesy, promptness and attention to detail have been perfect. They make a great team.

Lynsey from our first meeting has been superior and has addressed every concern expediently. All her work and kindness has exceeded our expectations.

Building a home is stressful for the owners and equally stressful for your team that deals with all of us. I wanted to be sure to let you and them know we appreciate their efforts. We have heard a lot of complaining about building a new home, thankfully we have had a great experience with your team.

Tom and Barbara Mongello

Hi Debbie…just a quick note to thank you for guidance, your patience, and your talent in creating this amazing home. We love everything about it, from the cottage woodwork to the wonderful kitchen and peaceful screened-in porch. It fits our family perfectly and will for years to come. Thank you for all of the Friday pics and answered questions. It was difficult being 750 miles away during the construction, but you kept us grounded and we knew we were in great hands! Hopefully, once the craziness of unpacking lets up, we’d love to have you and your husband over for a glass of wine!

Aimee, Bob & Maddie

I wanted to take a moment to send a comment to the Village Park Group concerning the sale and construction process on our new home purchase/closing at 91 Grovewood Drive in Alston Park community.

I have been involved in the new home building industry for over 35 years in construction and sales positions with several National Homebuilders and must commend your Construction and Sales teams for their knowledge, professionalism and communications skills.

Chad Crowe is our construction manager and has completed a very nice home for us. Through out the process Chad has kept me informed on schedule and answered any questions I have had promptly. Good job Chad.

Our Sales Representative, Jillian Gerber, was very thorough and explained the many floor plans and options that helped us making our final decision. Thank you Jillian.

The entire process including interior selections, financing through Mortgage Network & Reilley Law Firm flowed very smoothly.

The Fitzpatrick’s would certainly recommend a purchase of a Village Park home most strongly.

Thank You

Kevin & Kathy Fitzpatrick

I wanted to put in a complement on Chad Crowe and Jillian Gerber. Chad has been a great help from start to finish with the purchase of the home. He has come out on multiple occasions to answer different questions and even has helped out on fixing something that I installed. He makes buying from Village Park Homes great and I’ll refer them to anyone! Jillian was amazing and helped out as well throughout the entire buying process and made everything overall a great experience. Between the two of them you couldn’t ask for a better team!

Fred Holstein

All too often when someone’s expectations are not met, a letter of complaint is fired off. Unfortunately, when expectations are met or exceeded, the efforts go unnoticed.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the efforts of Mo Champoux of your sales organization. My wife and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mo at our initial visit to Lawton Station. From the very start, Mo listened to our needs and desires with regards to the size of the home, amenities we wanted, location in the development and all the bells and whistles we would have liked.

When we started looking here we were living in Virginia and coming here involved a nine hour ride each way. Every time we came to Lawton Station with a goal on making a decision to move here, Mo had all the information we requested, all the options we were interested in, much information about the area, and the positives of living in the low country. Mo did all this in a very informal and friendly manner. She was the type of person you would want for a neighbor.

Mo is a true professional in her industry and makes your organization look very good and positive. The true criteria of an excellent salesperson is that they listen to your needs, desires and wants and respond with the information you requested with a spattering of additional information which will entice you to understand the benefits they are speaking about. I would, and have recommended working with her to individuals I think are interested in this area.

Jerry Zemlachenko

As of last week, I closed on 111 Scarlet Oak (C3; Lot 6) in Southern Oaks. Although this was not my first time purchasing/owning property, it was my first time building from the ground-up. Looking back at my experience, it is with pleasure and ease that I highlight two of your Associates: Jillian Gerber and Michael Koresdoski.

Jillian – As a Hospitality professional, I like to think that I possess an acute eye for genuine service. ESPECIALLY in this market and area, it is increasingly difficult to find the level of talent that Jillian possesses. I appreciate her genuineness and honesty. While viewing various properties and deciding on the model and options that I wanted, I threw a lot of “hypothetical questions” her way. Without shooting any of my ideas down, Jillian was very reassuring and willing to explore possibilities that suited my taste and needs. If she didn’t have an answer, she followed-up and quickly responded. Imagining all the types of personalities that must cross her path, she patiently entertained me without any pretention and hesitation. I have no reservations recommending Jillian to any prospect in the future. If the quality of the build doesn’t close the sale of a home, it’s her infectious personality that will!

Michael – When purchasing my home, I knew from the beginning that this property would suit my needs today, but will likely look to upgrade again within the next few years. I will HAPPILY purchase another Village Park Home design with the caveat that Michael is assigned as my builder! As a novice, it was my hope and desire that I would miraculously be paired with a builder that would take the time to walk me through the construction process. Without any inclination or experience, I feared that I would be assigned a builder that would only stick to the construction meetings outlined in my schedule packet (ie. Pre-Drywall, Pre & Post Closing walkthrough, etc). However, Michael has gone out of his way to assure that my vision for the layout and design of the house was executed to my specifications à to the point that I have entrusted him to make aesthetic decisions on my behalf (no small feat rest assured). His commitment in remaining available throughout this entire process has solidified my trust in him and Village Park Homes. With any investment, it is the hope of the consumer that someone act on behalf of their interest. As he was that person for me, please recognize Michael in the way he takes care of your customers.

The purchase and subsequent construction of the house came secondary to the experience I received from both Michael and Jillian! I greatly thank them for their representation and hope to cross paths with them again soon.

Christopher Gregorio

I felt compelled to convey just how impressed I was with your sales agent, Jennifer Limbert, on my visit to Lawton Station on last Saturday. I have been a Broker for nearly twenty-eight years. Seldom have I met an agent who had such a commanding and comfortable knowledge of their inventory. Additionally, Jennifer skillfully guided the customers to the offer and contract phase without being over bearing. A great mix of talent! Please pass along my thoughts to Jennifer. I will be retiring in August, but sure hope to do more business with Lawton Station before then.

Andrea Smallwood

We were just writing this email to let you know what an incredible job one of your team members did helping us with the design of our new house. We met with Christine Camasca last Thursday to go over what our house would look like. Daniel and I were both a little nervous that we may not like the designs. We knew going into this meeting that we bought the house already designed and may not be able to change anything. Chris put us at ease immediately. She had all of the materials laid out for us to look over and we were thrilled to see the exact color pallet we wanted! Everything from the colors outside the house, the flooring, the appliances, the cabinets and counter tops, and the colors inside was absolutely perfect and exactly what we wanted. It was like she designed the house for us! She was extremely patient, answering our dozens of questions and made the experience incredibly easy and fun. We are extremely excited to see all of those designs go into our first house!

We honestly cannot gush enough about how wonderful Chris was and just wanted to make sure you knew what an amazing job she did and how grateful and excited we are! Please If you can reach out in your own way to let her know what an impact she had on us so she knows how happy we are! I asked for your email directly after our meeting with her! Thank you again Jeff! Have a fantastic week sir and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our meeting with Christine!

Cynthia Garber and Daniel Hayes

I just want to say that it has been a complete pleasure working with you on this beautiful new home. You went above and beyond with my clients and I hope that Village Park Homes understands the value of your customer service. You answered every question, quickly took care of any issues and kept us all updated regularly. Your communication was exceptional and you were always wonderfully kind and considerate. Through every issue you were there to help us find a solution. You made this home buying/building experience a huge success for the new owners and because of you I would refer other clients to this builder. Whatever you are getting paid is not nearly enough! We highly recommend you get a raise! Let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you as I look forward to working with you in the future!

Dee Gramoy

My wife Cathy and I just wanted to take some time to share our experience with our Builder, Matt Bulla. From the day we first met Matt to go over our floor plans to when we closed on our new home on 12/21/17 it has been nothing but a pleasure to work with him. Matt has made the transition into the next phase of our lives so much easier with his professionalism, courteousness and his patience. As I’m sure you know new home owner’s tend to have a multitude of questions and concerns during the construction of their new house and we were certainly no exception. Matt took the time and care to address all of our inquires during all phases of construction in a calm, confident and professional manner and made sure he followed through on everything that was discussed. When it came time to do our final walk through before the closing Matt left no stone unturned, walking us through every square inch of the interior/exterior of the house confidently answering every question we could throw at him. Village Park Group is very fortunate to have Matt as one of their Builders and we would strongly recommend him to our family, friends and anyone who was considering a new home with your company.

Jim & Cathy O'Connor

Jillian, I cannot thank you enough for your help making our home a reality. I am completely wowed by how easy the process has been. We are exceptionally happy with the work of Village Park Homes and especially Ron Roberts. We were able to relax and watch our home being built without having to check in or keep things moving. Ron took care of everything. Not only is he an incredibly competent builder, but he is also one of the most lovely people I have ever met. The few things we have found since we moved in, Ron was here with superhero speed to take care of them. I cannot thank him enough for everything.

Please extend my thanks to everyone with VPH. It’s the people who make a company stand out and everyone we interacted with throughout the entire process was great!

We love our new home and community!

Kimberly McCoy

Thank you Janis! You have been very helpful in my search for a beautiful home for my wife, family and myself. I am very happy with the choice and will definitely recommended you to anyone. You are a true asset to your building company. You have gone above and beyond your normal duty. May God bless you and answer all your prayers.

Daniel Kwaw

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Village Park Homes in building my home. I’m extremely impressed with your employees and the company.

My experience began with a warm greeting and welcome from Jae Horn-Gerber. Jae took my daughter and I on a tour of the model home with sincere pride and knowledge. She was direct and clear in giving information and answering our questions. Jae crunched the numbers to show with accuracy a clear view of my financial options and obligations. She took me on a tour of the Old Savanna Subdivision where I came upon a home in the progress of being built. The builders were working diligently, spoke quietly and were polite and professional.

I was then directed to the design department with Christine Camasca. I had chosen to personalize some of the original plans and Christine effortlessly followed along with understanding and admiration. Christine adjusted the plans with clarity and accuracy. She also gave an honest opinion, great decor options and suggestions throughout the meeting.

Dave Burns is the builder in charge of my site…..THANK GOD! Since I was across the county and had opted to personalize the house by making numerous changes, I was concerned about the communication strictly by phone. Well let me tell you, Dave took the time and went over each and every detail, and re-went over it in order to assure complete and accurate understanding. Dave was confident in his crew and was intrigued and excited to build this personalized design. He surprised me with clear photos of the progress to assure the understanding of the desired changes. Dave was polite, intelligent and charming. Delightful to do business with!

My Realtor went unexpectedly to the site after the builders had left for the evening. She wanted to see the process of the house and send more pictures. The site was not clean…IT WAS IMMACULATE! Absolutely METICULOUS! Both interior, as well as, exterior were so clean it was as if no builders had been there!

I have reached out to Jae, Christine and Dave numerous times and have always had an instant response and well wishes from each one of them. I very much appreciate the entire group that built my beautiful home and am impressed that my home is completed well before the estimated time frame. Great job Village Park Homes!

Thank you all for making this important step in my life so comfortable and enjoyable!

Elaine Boria

Hi Debbie Borth,

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Matt Harden. Being new to South Carolina and a newbie at new construction as well, it’s been much easier with Matt’s help. He’s been more than accommodating with EVERY little “issue” I’ve brought to his attention. Because I wasn’t here during the construction of our home, I was confident that YOU had it under control, which was a comfort and now that I have Matt – I feel truly blessed!

My guess is that, with new construction, the homeowners are constantly checking in on progress and asking questions “when will my window be installed?” etc. and I feel like Matt is the perfect person for the job. He’s patient and kind, professional and courteous. I believe that folks are quick to complain so I wanted to take a moment to do just the opposite and pass along my most sincere gratitude for Mr. Matt Harden and how he has impacted my family’s life positively.

We will forever speak highly of Village Park Homes because of Matt…. and you!

Lisa Stingley

Debbie, thank you for the great housewarming gifts. It was a pleasure working with you. Brian and I really appreciated being kept up to date and felt that you and Matt had terrific communication. We would recommend Village Park Homes to anyone and especially Matt Bulla. He far surpassed our expectations in our first home building experience and his professionalism gave us a level of comfort that was unexpected. His attention to detail is superior. Things that we found after our walk through Matt already knew about and had parts on order. We felt like he treated our home as if he was building it for himself and no one could ask more than that. Even with the delay of a hurricane the home was finished in less time than we thought possible. He was very prompt in getting back to us with any questions and we all know Brian always has questions. If we ever build another home we would want Village Park Homes and Matt to supervise its construction. Matt is a tremendous asset to your company and we hope you appreciate having him on your team as much as we do.”

Sandy & Brian Krin

I recently had a 12 month inspection on my home and wanted you to know how complimentary the inspector was of Village Park Homes. He said that Village Park would be at the top of the list of track home builders in the area! He said that had he gone into a other production builder new homes for a 12 month inspection that there would be cracked walls and all sorts of problems. He noted the main reason for Village Park’s superior building is with the supervisors and response to service. I just wanted you to know we appreciate all the hard work that goes into building our homes. Thank you!”

G. Wilson

I would like to thank you for having very special and helpful people on your team. I stopped by and spoke with Bill Wilson at your sales office here for information regarding my home just purchased about all upgrades that were originally built in per the original owner, Cynthia Stenger, for insurance purposes and also about a dozen missing adjustment screw buttons for our sliding doors. Bill was very happy to assist me. He gave me Tim Andrews number to call about the parts. Tim was very eager to help and acquired the parts for me. Great job on both accounts. They really didn’t have to help but they went the extra yard. I thank them as well as you for having great personnel on your team. Please thank them for me.”

Paul Filik

Buying a home here was a pleasant experience right from the beginning meeting you, Kaity Robinson. You were so helpful and over the top accommodating. Every email I/we sent to you, was answered promptly and you always tried your best to get an answer, whether it was immediately or in a few days…once our home was in the building stage, your updates were helpful and welcoming…especially the photos you sent. As for Ron Roberts, the builder, another super person to deal with…always there with answers for us, and working with us with all our changes and new ideas.???? All and all, I would recommend Village Park Homes to anyone who would ask. ”

Judy in Alston Park at New Riverside

I walked past the house and met some of the neighbors outside. They were floored by how clean the job site was. They also could not say enough about the green fencing around the trash, how it “covers the unsightly mess” and should be the level that all builders rise to here. They were saying how impressed they were with it so far. Just wanted y’all to know and to say how happy we are that we choose Village Park.”

Tiffany Petrone, Realtor

Debbie…just a note to thank you for the way you handle this part of the process … the follow up, patience and attention to detail. Far and away superior to your competitors in my experience and humble opinion. ”

A Respected Local Realtor

Working with Village Park Homes has been an easy, stress free experience. From the first day we met with Debbie Borth she made us feel at ease. Her knowledge and expertise exceeded our expectations. She has always been easily accessible and helpful which was important to us because we were in another state while our future home was being constructed. Matt Harden has been equally attentive and accessible throughout the building process. We never had to worry knowing that no matter what kind of question we had, they were just an email or phone call away. They went above and beyond the scope of real estate/construction and were always willing to help us in recommending local services as well. We would not hesitate to recommend Village Park Holmes. Thank you for helping us with our forever home.”

Jessica and Richard Levis

We are approaching a year since we moved into our Village Park home and we are still in love with it. Right from the beginning with the sales process, everything was smooth and actually downright fun! This was due in large part to our salesperson, Debbie Borth who couldn’t have been more pleasant, responsive and flexible.

That worry free experience continued during the build. All calls were taken or returned promptly by our builder, Matt Harden. When possible, requests were accommodated with no hesitation. Matt worked very hard to ensure that we were satisfied and happy.

The excellent service went on with Warranty Manager, Tim Andrews for our 30 day and 11 month warranty service requests. Village Park stands by their work.

We have been very proud to show off our new home. Friends and relatives who have seen it are all duly impressed and have remarked on the layout, flooring and other quality finishes.

Thank you Village Park Homes for a first class new home buying and building success.”

Jack and Mary Kay Long

We did a lot of shopping. We probably looked at 45 to 50 homes and dollar for dollar this was the right choice. If you compare apples to oranges, none of the houses compared. We built the largest two story plan and loved the optional bonus room. We love the square footage and the dollar per square footage made sense. We came from a 5 bedroom home in New Jersey and having the 4 bedrooms plus the bonus room was perfect because we loose out on basements in the south so the price per square foot made up for everything. We really loved this home plan because it was similar to a colonial in New Jersey. Really, when we were shopping for a new home this was the first time my husband and I agreed. The school system is excellent and I was excited about that since my daughter is coming from private institutions. The principal at her school is fantastic, the teachers are fantastic and the school is phenomenal. We are very satisfied.”

The Hahn Family

We found the perfect lot, we built the perfect home. It’s the most perfect floor plan of all the homes we’ve ever owned because we have an open kitchen into the living area. The master bedroom is set apart from the other bedrooms and each bedroom has its own private bath. We purchased this home because we felt like it was the perfect house for us. The price was exceptional and the reality of it is, it’s the best floor plan we’ve ever experienced.”

The Livingstons

Mike was more than you would expect in a building supervisor. He told me in July that he would have us in our home by the deadline we required. Mike kept every promise he made.

Mike displayed remarkable communication skills. He was always available to eliminate distress or concern and in most cases, already aware of the circumstances prior to our phone call. Jeremy works long hours, finding little time to touch base with Mike; he was consistently responsive, including the occasional Sunday. We completely understood the fact that Mike had several builds under construction but he made us feel like our build was his first priority.

Mike created an amazing product in an inconceivable amount of time.

So, I find it of the utmost importance that I share with you our sincere gratitude for our Building Supervisor, Mike Catterson. His desire to build a wonderful product, ambition to complete with punctuality and the open communication he provided through the whole experience is beyond exceptional. He is a great asset to your company.

Thank you for assigning Mike to construct our dream, we couldn’t have more gratitude.

Jeremy and Shannon

We want to thank Mo Champoux for her expertise and professionalism in the sale of our home. The project was conducted in a timely manner, and because of her input and work ethic, the home looks better than we ever expected.

Mrs. Champoux demonstrated great skills (e.g. organizational ability, communication skills and a personable character). She showed transparency and integrity and all communication.

If there is ever a need for a recommendation, please do not hesitate to use our name.”

Carlos & Ophelia

Your company has recently completed construction of our new home at 6 Greenwood Court in Rose Hill. I want to take this opportunity to express how pleased I am with the results and the process. In particular, I would like to compliment the great service provided by Debbie Borth, Matt Harden and Tim Andrews.

We really appreciated Debbie’s patience and understanding during the contracting and selection process. We had a few unusual requests and she was very accepting of that and bent over backwards to work with us. That, plus her very engaging personality, made the whole process very positive.

Working with Matt was also a pleasure. He was totally on top of his subcontractors and there was hardly a day that someone wasn’t working on the house. The fact that the entire process from contract to turnover took less than 6 months speaks to his skill. He also showed amazing patience in dealing with this over-involved homeowner. He is a great communicator and very responsive. He made the while construction process a pleasure.

Finally, we are very appreciative of Tim’s involvement. He took our 30 day follow up list and very quickly had people on the job finished and making repairs. His personal follow up was impeccable.

All in all, our experience with Village Park Homes has been extremely positive. We are happily getting settled in our new home and are enjoying it daily. I heartily recommend Village Park Homes to anyone who wants a high quality, economically priced home.

Mike and Kay Small

Now that we are finally settled in I wanted to thank you for your guidance and assistance all through the process of building our new Lawton Station home.

It can be daunting when making the decision on where and what we want in our “final” retirement community and home. Your knowledge and honesty in working us through the design from choosing our building lot to closing was spot on.

No question or concern was too petty or simple. And your answers and availability and timely response to any concern we had certainly removed the stress involved in the home building process.

Thanks again and be assured we can highly recommend you and Lawton Station to anyone looking to relocate to the Bluffton area!!

Bill and Helen Rickett

This is to let you know that our experience with Debbie Borth as a sales agent for Village Park homes was more than satisfactory in every way.

Debbie has a most pleasant personality combined with a high level of efficiency. We worked together planning our Providence Model at Club Gate, the first house to be built of that model, and every step of the way Debbie was able to supply accurate and speedy information on all levels.

Because there was no model home for us to view, much of our house required being able to read the blue print and envision the finished product. Debbie was of great help here as well as infinitely patient as we mulled over our options and tried to envision the end result when built.

Thanks to being able to work together with Debbie our new home more than fulfilled our expectations and together we achieved a home in which we are very happy to be living.”

Nancy and Steve Avery

The purpose of this letter is to express our gratitude and acknowledge the professionalism of our sales associate at Lawton Station, Ms. Debbie Borth.

Although we thought we had built our ‘forever’ home on Cat Island in 2001 – life sometimes throws you curves. A decision was made to put our Cat Island home on the market and move to the Bluffton area since Dale worked in Bluffton and I now work in Hilton Head. Purchasing an existing home was not an option for us – we would only be willing to build, but since our current home was not yet on the market we anticipated a lot of hurdles.

After looking at several other ‘communities’ (this fact alone was scary for us as we could not ‘see’ another house from our current home) we sort of stumbled on Lawton Station while driving down 170. Oh well, let’s give it a try. What a fateful left turn that day would become. We were greeted by an honest, cheerful and smiling face with plans and a price point in our comfort zone. Since I helped design our home on Cat, reading the plans was a piece of cake and the fact we could modify them was even better. Knowing our preference for privacy, Debbie took us that very first day to look at open lots and guided us to the perfect one for us. It was late July of 2014 and we were told that home prices were going to increase in August AND Lawton Station would be willing to accept a contingency offer. The stars were aligned.

The immediate trust factor with Debbie and her willingness to go over and above that weekend was a significant factor in our decision to sign. Our house on Cat sold in 29 days and we were off to the races.

Debbie continued to be a trusted point of contact throughout the entire building process. We looked forward to her Thursday updates and she was always there for that continual “one last question.”

I’ve been in sales and marketing my entire life. I know how critical that initial point of contact can be to a prospective buyer – (whatever the product.) Debbie is a gem worth keeping.

We wish Debbie and Lawton Station continued success in the coming years – just on another street………we love having the cul-de-sac to ourselves!

The Rudolph Family

Please allow me to share with you our experience with your company. Although we closed on November 18, my husband and I shared this dream for well over two years.

I’ll never forget the first time we toured the community; there was a sense of familiarity, serenity and bliss I could feel beyond the gates. We felt the residents of Bellmeade took pride in their property, the common areas were well manicured and I was able to envision my children growing up in Bellmeade, we knew it would eventually be “home”. So we began the long process to save, plan and dream….

Our process formally began with Village Park in October 2013 when we secured our lot within Lawton Station. Once Mike Catterson took the reigns any uncertainties were abolished and our build progressed at lightning speed. Mike was more than you would expect in a building supervisor. He told me in July that he would have us in our home by the [restrictive] deadline we required. Mike kept every [inaccessible] promise he made.

Mike displayed remarkable communication skills. He was always available to eliminate distress or concern and in most cases, already aware of the circumstances prior to our phone call. My husband works long hours, finding little time to touch base with Mike; he was consistently responsive, including the occasional Sunday. We completely understood the fact that Mike had several builds under construction but he made us feel like our build was his first priority.

Mike created an amazing product in an inconceivable amount of time.

So, I find it of the utmost importance that I share with you our sincere gratitude for our Building Supervisor, Mike Catterson. His desire to build a wonderful product, ambition to complete with punctuality and the open communication he provided through the whole experience is beyond exceptional. He is a great asset to your company.

Thank you for assigning Mike to construct our dream, we couldn’t have more gratitude.

The Chapman Family, Thanking Village Park Homes' Builder Mike Catterson

I’m writing you to let you know of the experience I had with Tim Andrews. As the point man for warranty issues, Tim was VERY, responsive to all my issues! Tim has a tough job. He is a hostage to the various sub-contractors to make good on their warranty obligations. He managed to get all the different subs to quickly address the identified problems and fix them to my satisfaction. In a couple of cases he even took the initiative to fix the problems himself. All the while Tim maintained a friendly and professional attitude! No small feat! I enjoyed working with him and more importantly, all my warranty issues were addressed! Great job! I hope you take care of him, when his performance review occurs. He is an asset to Village Park Homes!!!

Joe Pappalardo


I would like to take this opportunity and share with Village Park Group our feedback on Mo Champoux.

From the first time we met Mo, she was extremely courteous and pleasant to deal with. Her ability to understand what our goals were and help us remain within budget were paramount. During the building process, she consistently kept us up to date with the progress of our home. When those minor events did pop up, Mo was right on top of them.

Our overall satisfaction with Village Park Builders was exceptional and we attribute that to Mo Champoux.”

Tom & Janine Yurkin

Our experience with Village Park Homes was our first building a new house. Our Sales Rep Mo worked diligently with us throughout the process. She was extremely helpful and explained every step. She made herself available, even while on vacation, to answer our questions and worked to ensure we were informed of the progress of our home build. It was a pleasure working with Mo and we would recommend her to another prospective buyer.”

Ben & Betsy Grimsley

If you stop out at Lawton Station to check out what they have to offer for new homes, we hope you have the good fortune, as we did, to work with Mo Champoux in the sales office.

Mo has just the right demeanor, sales experience and building & interior design knowledge to guide you seamlessly through the building process. She knows when to offer guidance and when to step back. You can count on her to answer your calls and emails promptly. That’s what she did for us!

Mo provided us with the best of service and we can’t recommend her enough!”

Rob & Pam Brickell

I am writing you this testimonial regarding Debbie Borth. I first started dealing with Debbie in the late Fall of 2013. I believe she had taken over from Laura.

She was following up with us since we had shown an interest in Lawton Station. From the very beginning Debbie was great to deal with. She asked what our needs were. Especially in regards to Budget, house style and time frame. Then in the late Spring of 2014, she let me know that price increases were coming and that it would be advantageous if we bought a little sooner than we originally planned. So we did! Debbie was always a pleasure to deal with especially during the stressful times devoted to the house finishes and options. She was very knowledgeable and when occasionally she wasn’t sure, she’d be sure to follow up, quickly. What can I say, Debbie made the whole experience wonderful. She is an extraordinary person. Who is always pleasant, helpful, professional and willing to go above and beyond her job duties. She is an asset to your organization and I hope you recognize her for the contribution she brings to Village Park Homes.

Joe Pappalardo

Debbie, we truly appreciate your guidance as Barbara and Nick saw their dream home become a reality…new construction in Bluffton! Your product knowledge was essential to maintaining the budget and, for Barbara and Nick, that was an unconditional goal.

Village Park is a fine, reputable builder and I have complete confidence that Debbie and her staff will continue to make this a wonderful experience. Please know I am always available for anything you might need and look forward to sharing the progress on your beautiful new home.”

Judy Collins

About a year ago this time I was just making final selections… Boy time flies! Debbie with the help of a decorator friend (and Pinterest) assisted me in making the best selections that VPH offered that would fit my style, budget and lifestyle.

Debbie worked with me to do some elevations changes on my model so it would have better curb appeal and I’m so thankful for that as I loved the floor plan.

After a slow start and change in project managers Matt picked up the job and ran with it to get in done properly and in a timely fashion. Matt is a man of integrity and I’m grateful he was assigned to the job. He always answered my calls and texts and did so with very little eye rolling. Ahahah. Although this was not my first home is was the first that I built so he and Debbie made the process as easy as can be expected. They always got back with me with an answer good or bad. Owning a small business I know how hard it is to find good people. Matt did a wonderful job of managing the subs which often times were sub par but he always told me he would make sure they got it right and he did. With my busy schedule he many times met me at 8am at the house to go over things which was terrific. Sure there were plenty hiccups and a few things that I didn’t love but a resolution was always made and a reason was given (whether I liked it or not) Ahahah. (Bath tub and parking pad) ahaha. 6 months later I’m still working on decorating and upgrading some things and I’ve enjoyed doing so very much. (Makes for good stories at the Salon).

Thank you Village Park Homes for offering the area nicely built homes at an attractive price. Zillow sends me emails every day and I still can’t find anything I like better…. price, size, details, view, neighborhood wise. You are lucky to have such wonderful people in Debbie and Matt on your team.

Before I go on another tangent I’ll end this my simply saying Thank You for my lovely home!”

Khristina Reinheardt

Thank you all for helping us make our dream come true! Very special thanks to Chris Limbert and John Phalen. We couldn’t have asked for more and are very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such an excellent team of dedicated professionals.”

John, Marie and Amélie

Our family has recently purchased a home in Beach City. We are going through our 30 day list and have had the privilege of working with Tim and his assistant. Understanding that with any new home, there is a wide variety of minor issue that need to be addressed, we have found Tim to be very skilled, knowledgable and easy to work with. I find him responsive and appears to genuinely care about his craft and his clients. I have found he and his assistant to be timely in meetings and eager to provide the best product possible for Village Park Homes. A big thank you to both of them. We look forward to continuing a smooth warranty process and enjoy working with them both!”

Jerry and Joy Gentile